Girlfriends guide to dating a rollerblader

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Any sport, from yoyoing to downhill Big Wheel luge, will have those girls. That one cool one that gets it. We could have an online dating site ready to connect us to ones seeking our lifestyle. For those looking for the TL;DR of the article here it is: Not that any Vice writer would ever find something outside their own perspective, but before this goes any further, this needs to be said: Their lifestyle columnists, well, they need a life.

They may have passed on Dateskaters. I call dibs on karies or steppenout:. I would honestly, for the sake of science, like to hear about a blader who went on a date from someone on that site and drop the blader bomb on them on the first date. Honestly, though, it seems like the skater from the Vice article was yet another long line of posers, people identifying themselves with something for no reason other than the public perception.

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You all know skateboarders like this. They wear the skating clothes and cruise the malls. I still consider it a blessing that there are few posers in blading.

Girlfriends Guide to Dating a Rollerblader

It would be sad and depressing and we could all have ourselves a good cry. The only thing that separates us from other sports is public opinion. Most rollerbladers have the same kind of dedication to blading than some Olympic athletes. Granted, when you get a girl like that, you better notice it and take damn good care of her. Throw a ring on her finger and hook yourself a good one. I know many of men who have turned cool chicks into amazing wives. I know guys who support their women because they support them in their blading and everything else they do.

The easiest way to do that is to date a fellow blader. But, the dangers of that go with the dangers of only hanging out with skaters: You have to diversify, yo. Or you could just swear yourself single and never venture into the dating world, but I suggest against that. Women bring a lot of damn good qualities into life. The right one will take you out of your comfort zone and into places filled with no one you have anything in common with just so you have the opportunity to grow as a person. And putting our penises into women has been an evolutionary trait that has helped us populate the planet to the point of extinction.

For any woman brave enough to venture our way, there is a guide available to you. The entire blog is written from the long-term girlfriend of a rollerblader. In it, she explains every little bit of unexplained behavior, offers insights to women in her place, and how to stock the necessary supplies.

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Instead of hearing the weird nagging girlfriends can do, this woman has a romantic view of what we love. She understands the life and what it means to us. The blog is a great way for anyone new to the life to understand our idiosyncrasies and how to manage them effectively. For most girls, the trouble is trying to comprehend the whole ordeal of blading.

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Girlfriends guide to dating a rollerblader. America's Most Wanted.

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Girlfriends Guide to Dating a Rollerblader

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But surf up, black and white gay dating. Take for example, they spend so many hours watching skate videos, getting their skates ready, changing frame, wheels, bearings… it can take hours for them to be ready to skate. But when you are going on a skate trip and you take 2 minutes to go pee they act like you have just done something completely horrible. Are you ready yet?

We need to go now! Ok, well, I will be waiting in the car. Why are you bothering to brush your hair or teeth… are you putting on make-up or something? We are just going skating. Skate video's and porno's. You find burned versions all over the house. Sometimes they are in strange places like a drawer in the bureau. They have some weird names that make you go hmmmm.

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